12 lb Natural Creamed Honey Tub

12 lb Natural Creamed Honey Tub

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Cox Honeyland's Natural Creamed Honey is available in a variety of sizes, including our 12 lb. tub. Satisfy your honey cravings with our long-lasting and delicious Creamed Honey.

  • Enjoy our loved Natural Creamed Honey now available in bulk sizing.
  • Available in a 12 lb. tub on this page. Check out our other Creamed Honey listings for additional size and flavor options like blackberry, maple, and orange.
  • Top your favorite pastry with Cox Honeyland's Creamed Honey.
  • Our pure, raw honey that is used for this Natural Creamed Honey is crafted locally, which means you can enjoy fresh honey tastes while supporting local farmers.
  • Cox Honeyland and Gifts in Logan, Utah offers a wide variety of honey and honey related products that are great for long term shelf stable food storage. 

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