From Hive to Bottle
Making Life a Little Sweeter

With over 100 years of local honey producing experience, Cox Honeyland and Gifts is proud to provide high-quality pure honey products to Cache Valley locals and customers around the world.

How Our Pure Raw Honey Journey Began

Cox Honeyland’s Famous Honey Gift Shop


Next Generation

Family-Owned & Operated

Throughout the years, most of the family has helped at different times to work for and to help grow the business. Many grandchildren also had the opportunity to work alongside and often be outpaced by their Grandparents.


The business has had many successes throughout the years, and has been honored with awards in various industries. In the early days, Duane received the 1998 Golden Hive Award for excellence in Beekeeping. He also served as the County Bee Inspector for Cache County for decades and was a respected member of his local community. In 2008 Margene received the Woman in Business Champion award from the Small Business Association, and in 2010 the company was honored to receive the Jeffrey Butland Family Owned Business of the Year award for the State of Utah and given by the Small Business Association. Shortly after her passing in 2020, Margene was honored by the Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce as an influential female entrepreneur in her community.

100 Years of making
life a little sweeter

From its humble beginnings more than 100 years ago in St. George, Cox Honeyland and Gifts has become a true family business with children, grandchildren, and adopted family carrying on the legacy of making life just a little sweeter.