Honey Natural Remedies

Healing Cream 

Cox Honeyland's Honey

Aloe gel


Mix equal parts aloe gel and Cox Honeyland's Honey to relieve pain and promote healing.


Burn Cream

1 tsp. juice from crushed ginger root

1 Tbsp. Cox Honeyland's Honey


Combine juice and honey to relieve the hot stinging sensation.


Lip Balm

1 Tbsp. Cox Honeyland's beeswax, shredded

1 Tbsp. petroleum jelly

1 tsp. Lanolin

1 tsp. Cox Honeyland's Honey

3–4 drops essential oil


Melt beeswax, petroleum jelly, and Lanolin together in the microwave. Add honey and essential oil. Stir the mixture until it cools. 


*Essential oil of peppermint, eucalyptus, wintergreen, and camphor can slightly numb painful lips.*


Cough Syrup

¼ c. glycerin

¼ c. Cox Honeyland's Honey

1 Tbsp. lemon or lime juice


Blend glycerin, honey, and lemon or lime juice well. Keep in a tightly covered jar and take one teaspoon every two hours or as needed.


Cuticle Softener

Massage petroleum jelly into the cuticles each morning and night to soften.


Facial for Acne

⅓ c. Cox Honeyland's Honey

⅔ c. water


Mix honey with water. Apply gently all over the face or affected areas. Let the mixture remain on your face for 2030 minutes. Rinse well and pat dry.


Homemade Petroleum Jelly

1 oz. Cox Honeyland's beeswax

½ c. baby or mineral oil


Melt beeswax in a microwave or double boiler and stir in baby or mineral oil. Let cool.


Homemade Mentholatum

2 c. homemade petroleum jelly

2 camphor cakes


Honey Cough Syrup

Lemon juice

Cox Honeyland's Honey


Mix together equal parts lemon juice and honey. Use as needed.


Honey for Sunburns

Cox Honeyland's Honey

Chamomile tea, aloe gel or witch hazel


Add Cox Honeyland's Honey to chamomile tea, aloe gel, or witch hazel. Gently apply to burned areas. 


Leather Softener and Waterproofing

1 oz. Cox Honeyland's Beeswax

8 oz. petroleum jelly


Melt beeswax with petroleum jelly in a microwave or double boiler. Brush onto the leather and allow the mixture to penetrate. If possible, place the item in the hot sun to help the mixture penetrate the leather. Polish with a cloth to remove excess waterproofing.


Magic Eye Formula

1 Tbsp. Cox Honeyland's Honey

1 egg white


Mix together honey and egg white. With your fingertips, pat the mixture into the tissue around the eyes. DO NOT pull on the skin. Always use a gentle patting motion. Allow time to dry and then wash off gently with warm water. This does wonders for tightening the skin around the eyes.


Mosquito Repellent

6 Tbsp. homemade petroleum jelly

2 Tbsp. mineral oil

1 Tbsp citronella essential oil


Stir together petroleum jelly, mineral oil, and citronella together. Apply when needed.


Oatmeal Facial

⅓ c. oatmeal, finely ground

1 tsp. rose water

3 tsp. Cox Honeyland's Honey

Mix oatmeal, rose water, and Cox Honeyland's Honey to make a smooth paste. Spread the mixture over the face but not around the eyes and let it remain on your face for 30 minutes. Rinse and pat dry.