Orange Honey Pull-Aparts

1224 frozen rolls

1 6 oz. or 1 12 oz. jar Cox Honeyland's Orange Creamed Honey

½ pkg small size vanilla or lemon non-instant pudding

¼1/2 c. butter, melted

Place rolls in a buttered bundt pan. Sprinkle pudding mix on top of the rolls. Melt honey in the microwave and pour on top of rolls. Then, pour melted butter on top. Cover with wax paper and let rise overnight. Bake at 325 °F for 2535 minutes or until golden brown. Adjust the recipe and baking time as needed based on the size of the pan. Invert immediately onto a serving tray. 

Make Cinnamon Pull-Aparts with Cox Honeyland's Cinnamon Creamed Honey and butterscotch pudding.

Make Raspberry Honey Pull-Aparts with Cox Honeyland's Raspberry Creamed Honey and raspberry Danish dessert.