The Beginning


More than 100 years ago, the story began in the small farming community of St. George, Utah with Henderson Cox. After nearly three decades, Marion Cox moved to Cache Valley where he continued to raise honey bees and harvest honey.


The first warehouse for honey production was built in Providence, Utah and continued operation there for a number of years.


In 1965 Duane purchased the bees from his father to continue the family tradition of beekeeping and honey production. In 1984, a new warehouse was constructed on Highway 89 just on the southern outskirts of Logan, Utah. The warehouse was large enough for storage, production and packaging. And, just a few short years later in 1989, Cox Honeyland opened to offer pure, natural honey year round in their gift shop.





The Next Generation


With the retail experience of Margene, the gift shop added other honey-based gifts including lotions and other food items. Now, Cox Honeyland is in its fourth generation with Maleesa, Camille, Michelle, Denise, Bryan and Darren all involved from the beehives to production to managing the gift store. From its humble beginnings more than 100 years ago in St. George, Cox Honeyland has become a true family business with the sons and daughters involved in every aspect of the honey production process.



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